Samsung Smart Door Locks SHS-5120

High Tech Design Meets Top-Notch Safety Samsung is welcoming a new era in the design and functionality of digital door locks with its brand new SHS-5120 model. This unit is perhaps Australia's most state-of-the-art digital door lock design. After all, Samsung is one of the world's most technologically advanced companies.   One of the most remarkable features of this new lock is that it is the first [...]

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Samsung Smart Door Locks SHS-6020

Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks offer top-notch safety along with an award winning design. These digital door locks, designed specifically with the Australian customer in mind, provide homes and businesses the level of peak technology and innovation that we have come to expect from Samsung. In 2010, the Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks won a Red Dot Design Award for their gorgeous and effective design. This award is a [...]


Video Intercom Systems: Why You Should Get One?

Home intercom systems are quite common security devices. The benefits of intercoms are greatly amplified by video intercoms. In case you are planning to buy an intercom system for your home, we recommend video intercoms for apartments. Here are 5 benefits of getting a video intercom for your home. 1. Advance Security System These are advance security systems which enable you to monitor [...]


Live Worry Free With Keyless Digital Locks

Keyless door locks make your life easy and are an effective way to ensure security of your home. Let's take a look at the benefits of these efficient and hassle free home security systems. Installation is a cakewalk: You don’t need special or new doors to install keyless door locks. Your regular standard lock can be replaced with the digital locks with minimal [...]

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