Your next door neighbor just installed digital door locks, and you thought to yourself – ‘What a show off! Homes do not need digital door locks, these are meant for offices only. Well, my friend you are mistaken if you think so, efficient security systems are required at home as well. And, if you go through the benefits these advanced keyless door locks provide, you will replace your old locks right away!

Throw the key away!
Finally, there is an advanced security system that breaks you free from the burden of carrying a key with you always. As the name suggests, these amazing door locks operate with just a touch of your fingertip! Moreover, you can authorised more than one person to access your home. So, now your kids don’t have to wait for you to come and open the door for them, they can do it themselves with just a touch. Now, that’s what I call making things happen with your fingertips.
Superb security

Ease of access doesn’t mean these locks don’t provide great security. These locks are drill proof, electric shock proof, and can be linked to your closest security cell. Whenever there is any unauthorised access or tampering with the locks, an alarm will go off, scaring away the burglars and protecting your family from intruders.

Remote control access
These locks can also be locked or unlocked through a remote control. This comes quite handy when you have grocery bags in your hands. You can click open the door by the remote even from a considerable distance, say your porch. So, you can pick the groceries up, and walk straight into your home without having to struggle with the keys.
Needless to say, these door locks will provide you with the best of security and protection in the most efficient & easy manner.
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