The implementation of fingerprint door locks is certainly growing. These digital door locks are popping up in some unexpected, but rather logical places. Take, for example, the fitness chain 24 Hour Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness is one of the largest health club and fitness chains in the world.

This company was founded in California in 1983. Since that time, 24 Hour Fitness is expanded to over 400 clubs in an impressive seventeen different American states with clubs from Arizona to Washington. Additionally, 24 Hour Fitness has over 20 health clubs in Asia including the countries of Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

With 3.5 million members and over 20,000 employees, 24 Hour Fitness is nothing short of a health industry giant and one of its most respected players. When they recently decided that they would begin using fingerprint door locks in some of their facilities, people certainly took notice. 24 Hour Fitness uses card systems for members to gain admittance to their clubs, but they have become increasingly interested in the idea of using fingerprint door locks for clients to gain admittance to their clubs.

There are numerous obvious reasons that a company the size and stature of 24 Hour Fitness would be interested in the implementation of Fingerprint door locks. The large number of people that their company must safely process through the facilities each and every day makes fingerprint door locks a natural fit. Cutting down on lines is something that every organization and business would like to see, and the introduction of fingerprint door locks would certainly help towards this goal.

Of course, the additional safety and security that fingerprint door locks provides to the customers of 24 Hour Fitness is let another reason that this powerful technology has captivated the interest of the company. Guest certainly must feel reassured to know that such high-tech security is at work to keep admittance to the clubs secure. No matter how good any company’s staff may be, they can’t be everywhere all the time. It is simply impossible. This is why technology such as fingerprint door locks is so attractive to companies like 24 Hour Fitness, and why this digital door locks technology is gaining quickly in popularity.