Samsung SHS-P717
Push Pull

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Samsung SHS-P717 Push Pull Smart Door Lock

Our Push Pull range offers an easy to use, ergonomic solution for Push to enter doors with its new type of handle. This lock has a flexible 31 users using both PIN Code and RFID Key Tags.

New Concept Door Locks

An easier way to open the door

With our vertical Push Pull handle, once unlocked the door can be pushed open easily

Easy LED notifications

The lock tells you whether it's locked or unlocked via LED notifications on the front panel. A low battery indicator and privacy mode notification is also in-built

High-Security Hardware

Structural design with steel plates built into the handle deliver incredible resistance to physical force

Patented technology

With 14 patents filed for the design of the Push Pull lock we have delivered the best design with the best lock engineering

Easy to use handle

Our Push Pull lock is the easiest door hardware to use, and is an assistive technology for people who have difficulty with using keys and traditional handles. With a single push you can enter your door, with a single pull to exit.

Welcome Sensor

The Push Pull door lock has an infrared sensor that can be activated to detect you as you approach the door. This option may reduce battery life.

Locked & Unlocked Notification

The door lock notifies the status of the lock either locked or unlocked so quickly looking back to make sure you locked the door is no longer an issue.

Battery Replacement Reminder

Based on 10 entries per day, the batteries included will last for 12 months. Once it comes time to replace the batteries the lock will notify you to replace them.

Wireless release

This lock can be released by an intercom system with the additional RF Wireless Kit. The kit includes a transmitter to attach to your indoor intercom panel and a receiver to go into the lock.

Random Security Number Pad

Our random security code function makes sure your fingerprints get around all of the positions on the keypad to deter any thieves trying to figure out your code by having 2 random digits popping up before entering your code.

Mechanical Keys

5 Included

RFID Key Tags

2 included

Passwords/Card Capacity


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