Installing Apartment Video Intercom Systems

Apartment video intercom systems can increase both security and convenience for management staff. They also provide the residents of the apartment community with more security, so everyone benefits. While apartments with video door phone equipment aren’t new, of course, there are some significant advantages to the new systems versus the old systems that managers and installers should be aware of.

Installing apartment video intercom systems was very expensive, even a few decades ago. The systems of the past were analog and had to be wired in by a qualified CCTV system installer. This meant a lot of hours mounting heavy cameras, installing the electrical connections for them, installing the circuits for the video and so forth. Today, apartments with video door phone equipment generally rely on devices that have Power over Ethernet (PoE), which simplifies the installation and reduces the costs of the systems substantially.

If you’re not familiar with apartment video intercom systems with PoE, they’ll be quite different from the analog systems with which you probably are familiar. The PoE systems draw their power directly from the network cable that hooks them to the apartment video intercom system’s network. This means that there’s no need for a separate connection to the building’s mains to power the camera and, of course, that means a lot of cost reduction where installation is concerned. Despite the fact that these PoE devices are the cutting edge in apartment video intercom systems, they can also be integrated with older, CCTV systems, so you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel if you want to upgrade your apartment’s video door phone.

Operation and Maintenance

Apartment video intercom systems used to be very difficult to troubleshoot. When analog systems break down, the only real clue that a technician has going in is that the system simply fails to work. With networked IP intercoms, it’s much easier for technicians to find errors and to fix them. In some cases, the apartment staff may be able to fix insignificant errors themselves. Either way, costs can be cut considerably because of the better technology that underpins these IP systems.


Not only can your apartment’s door phone be integrated with your existing CCTV system, it can also be integrated with your access control system. These devices are versatile, as is most digital equipment, so they can accommodate older equipment in a way that yesterday’s security hardware never could. If you’re swapping out old hardware piece by piece, most IP systems won’t require you to get rid of your old CCTV cameras and other equipment right away. The IP cameras can accommodate older networks, so you can gradually get through the process of upgrading your old equipment rather than having to tackle everything in one project.

Apartments with video door phone systems are much more secure than those without. By adding the latest technology to your system, you increase security even further. Today’s cameras are better, simpler, easier to maintain and more reliable than those of the past, and they’re oftentimes less expensive, as well!