The Samsung Video Intercom SHT-3006 and Peace of Mind It is certainly difficult, if not impossible, to put a price on peace of mind. Knowing that you and your family are safe is a savvy investment and one that pays a dividend each and every day. While there are many ways to increase the
A Samsung Video Intercom that is Perfect for Any Home The Samsung Video Intercom shs-3207 embodies just how much the world of video intercom systems has changed in recent years. This video intercom from Samsung is a standout for a variety of reasons. Most people will realize this fact as soon as they lay eyes
Samsung has taken Near Field Communication or NFC to a new and exciting level with the SHS-3420 RF card and password digital door lock system. NFC digital door locks are loaded with features that you may have not thought possible in a door lock until now. Thanks to NFC digital door locks, it is now
SHT-7507 When it comes to home security, you clearly have an abundance of options. Yet, some stand out as being better than others. Take, for example, the video intercom system. Video intercom systems offer a functionality and ease of use that doesn’t just add to the security of your home, but also increases the overall
The Shark-Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-2320 Technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and that means that you don’t have to use the same old door lock that you have always used. Thanks to Samsung, you now have options that would have seemed like nothing short of a dream only a few years ago. The
Fingerprint Door Locks Some products are simply more exciting and innovative than others. Samsung knows that you want more and expect the best from any product that you buy. With this in mind, they are proud to offer the Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock. The world of  keyless door locks is changing, and Samsung is
A Video Intercom Sends a Powerful Message to home security Having a video intercom comes with many important security and practical benefits to your home. Being able to electronically control entry to your home with the touch of a button is just such a practical benefit. It leaves most people wondering how they ever lived