Samsung SHS-5120 most used digital lock in the world for apartments.
Digital Locks Will Replace Mechanical Locks Mechanical door looks can provide excellent security, but they do have limitations. Digital door locks have already begun to replace mechanical door locks in other nations, particularly in Asia. These digital door locks have some surprising capabilities that make them more convenient, efficient and, in many ways, more secure
Installing Apartment Video Intercom Systems Apartment video intercom systems can increase both security and convenience for management staff. They also provide the residents of the apartment community with more security, so everyone benefits. While apartments with video door phone equipment aren’t new, of course, there are some significant advantages to the new systems versus the
NFC Digital Door Locks and New Security Options Near Field Communications (NFC) allows for the creation of a new paradigm in access control. Companies such as Samsung are now incorporating NFC digital door locks into their security offerings, providing a higher level of security at the same time that they’re offering more convenience to users.