Bunnings to introduce range of Door Locks options from Samsung

bunnings door locksBunnings has started to rollout a range of Samsung bunnings door locks options from Samsung. Digital locks are often seen entrance doors in parking garages, business complexes, and apartment buildings – and for good reason. Bunnings door locks offer a high level of security and even provide you with the ability to add or remove keys without having to rekey your lock. Let’s take a look at some quality digital locks that you can purchase today as well as their benefits.
New Push Pull Door Locks (SHS-P717 and SHS-P718 Models)

To ensure that no one gains unauthorized access to your building or place of business, be sure to take advantage of these new digital locks by Samsung. The Samsung Push Pull SHS-P717 door lock provides the perfect combination of intelligence, convenience, and design. One of its most prominent features is that the keypad on the lock will automatically cover itself once the lock button has been pressed.

Push-pull digital door locks will automatically display their status on an easy-to-see touch panel – it will either read ‘Unlocked’ or ‘Locked.’ “Manner Mode” is also something that business and home owners will come to appreciate. It’s a useful feature that is perfectly suited for quiet environments. This model allows you to press the ‘*’ button before putting in your password, informing the system to open silently for that time only.

The biggest addition to the Bunnings door locks section from Samsung is the Samsung Push Pull SHS-P718 digital door lock which is another reliable and budget-friendly model that you can take advantage of within your home or building complex. It provides you with a hassle-free way of closing and opening doors both quickly and securely, without having to worry about unauthorized entries with duplicate keys.

Bunnings door locks also provide a personal fingerprinting scanning option that is state-of-the-art. This means that even those individuals with high-tech methods for breaking into buildings won’t be able to cut through your lock (you can steal a fingerprint like you can a regular key or even a password). What homeowners will find even more amazing about these digital locks is that they can store upwards of 100 different fingerprints!

This makes the Samsung Push Pull SHS-P718 perfect for office buildings with many employees. You can’t find products like these anywhere else on the market today, and they provide an ample amount of security that will offer you the peace of mind needed to go throughout your day without having to work about a break-in.
Mortise Door Locks (SHS-HH625FMK, SHS-H505, and SHS-H635FMS Models)

We’ll start our discussion with the SHS-H635FM Samsung Digital Locks. Some of their more prominent features include that they are remote controlled, they can allow the owner (you) to create a single master password, and they offer a simple-to-use touch screen with a clear display.

Up to 20 different cards can be registered with a single mortise door lock like this one. Each lock comes with a manual key backup (5 of which are supplied upon purchase), a manual lock switch, and finally, the option of utilizing a number pin authentication system. All of these features combined equate to digital locks that not only look good and that are easy to use, but that get the job done to prevent unauthorized entries.

The Samsung Smart Lock SHS-H505 is also a quality mortise door lock that comes with a variety of useful features and functions. Aside from providing a single administrative password, five mechanical keys, and 20 FRID cards, this digital lock also comes with another unique feature: the alarm will sound if there’s a fire and will automatically unlock so that any individuals on the outside or inside can quickly make their way through.

On a final note regarding these bunnings door locks, it is important to point out that the SHS-H505 will automatically lock once the door is closed. The volume for the keypad can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences, while the low battery indicator will ensure that you never have to deal with getting locked outside of your home again.

The SHS-H625FMK Samsung Digital Door Lock is a model includes many of the same features listed above, including a single master password, remote access, and a manual key backup. Don’t compromise the safety of your home or office by using outdated locks that can easily be broken. Protect your home, assets, and loved ones with digital locks that can get the job done.
Finger Print Locks (SHS-H705)

Fingerprint door locks are a great way to ensure that you (or anyone you assign them to) are the only ones who can make their way through a locked door. The SHS-H705 Finger Print Lock models are not only budget-friendly and straightforward to install, but they come with several prominent features that make them worth the investment. These functions include:
 A single master password that you can use to open the door without having to use your fingerprint.
 A fingerprint capacity of 100 (which is perfect for business owners who want to grant building access to their employees).
 An easy-to-read touch screen display
 A hand-held remote control that can be used to monitor these digital locks remotely.
One way to strengthen this fingerprint lock is to take advantage of its “Double Security Arbitrary” feature. This would require the person entering the home or building to enter both a password as well as a fingerprint before gaining access. With these security parameters in place, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to access a building without having been authorized beforehand.

More Benefits of the Bunnings Door Locks

With the SHS-H705 Finger Print Lock, you can your default entry to either a mechanical key, a password or a fingerprint (or a combination of the three). We recommend that you take advantage of the double security authentication method – which requires a person to enter a password followed by a fingerprint – before gaining access to the building.

But what about thieves who can get lucky and guess your password using a random number generator? Well, this isn’t possible, and Samsung made sure of it. And with the lock’s battery replacement reminder, you’ll never have to worry about getting locked outside of your own home again! In fact, the batteries on these digital locks are good for about 12 months (assuming that you use them about ten times per day). If you use them less, they’ll have an even longer lifespan.
Additional Mortise Locks (SHS-3320 and SHS-3321 Models)

The SHS-3320 Mortise Lock is the epitome of what quality digital locks should be like. What home and business owners will love about them best is that they offer several different forms of authentication – mechanical keys, cards, and password authentication. This model has been enhanced for convenience and is relatively straightforward to install.
The SHS-3320 has often been referred to the latest and greatest in digital lock security, and rightfully so. When it comes to a high-quality deadbolt, don’t look anywhere else. These digital locks make it virtually impossible for anyone without pre-authorized access to gain access to your home or place of work.

Finally, the Samsung SHS-3331 Digital Deadbolt is another premium option to consider. First, it’s super-easy to install, and it requires no prior experience to use and set-up. The lock’s double verification authentication, combined with its smart and sleek styling, means that you’ll have a lock that gets the job done in style. And with its random security code feature, thieves will be stopped in their tracks right away.