On occasion, some technologies sweep in quickly and change the way an entire business handles its day-to-day operations. We are currently seeing just such a transformation in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Hotels around the world, such as the SoHo Loft in New York City, have begun implementing digital door locks that use fingerprints to allow their guests to gain admittance into their rooms. This exciting technology has been garnering a good deal of attention in recent years and interest only keeps growing.

Fingerprint Door Locks are Easy to Use

One of the reasons that hotels are so interested in digital door locks is that by using fingerprint technology, such locks are able to allow their guests to come and go as they please. Most of us can remember the hassle of wondering where our hotel key is and worrying that we might have lost it. This holds true for digital keys as well. However, if you gain entry to your hotel room through your fingerprint, then forgetting a key is a thing of the past.

Digital Door Locks Create Customer Loyalty

Not having to worry about hotel keys also makes life a great deal easier for hotel staff. The process of checking guests into the hotel is made much easier and this can effectively save man-hours, which can be effectively directed elsewhere. Thus, fingerprint door locks can actually increase the overall quality of guests’ experience. This can translate into more repeated visits and higher customer loyalty.

Hotels Depend Upon Easy to Use and Implement Technology

When popular and busy hotels, like the SoHo Loft in New York City, begin adopting new technology you know it has something to offer. Moreover, hotels need to know that any technology they adopt is easy to use and to implement. The fact that hotels are embracing fingerprint door locks speaks volumes on just how impressive this technology is and what it can do for a wide range of businesses.

Powerful technologies can find fast acceptance and equally rapid implementation. We can expect the rate of growth that digital door locks will experience in the next few years to be very rapid indeed.