Samsung has taken Near Field Communication or NFC to a new and exciting level with the SHS-3420 RF card and password digital door lock system. NFC digital door locks are loaded with features that you may have not thought possible in a door lock until now. Thanks to NFC digital door locks, it is now possible to open up a Samsung digital door lock with smart phones and credit cards, such as Master Card PayPass or Visa Wave. This factor opens up a variety of new possibilities for controlling access to buildings of all kinds. Further, NFC digital door locks can also be used easily and seamlessly with mobile phones. In short, the options are nothing short of exciting.

NFC digital door locks from Samsung are loaded with a variety of features. Security has been put at the top of the list with these NFC digital door locks. Security features include features, such as an infrared sensor, that works to ensure that there is movement on the interior side of the door. If there is no movement, the digital door lock will not open. This means that unless someone actually is unlocking the door on the other side, this NFC digital door lock will not open!

Another exciting feature of NFC digital door locks is that they are extremely user friendly. Thanks to impressive use of key tag, RFID card and smart phone technology, it is possible to open your door without a key. Simply let the digital door lock do all the work for you! You never need to worry about running out of batteries either, as this product has a low beep warning signal. A convenient beep sound will let you know when it is time for new batteries.

Of course, you can also go the “old-fashioned” route and enter a pass code on the high-tech access code panel. This panel has impressive built in security measures designed to prevent potential intruders from guessing what numbers have been pushed due to fingerprint marks.

Samsung has created NFC digital door locks that truly make the most of out Near Field Communication technology. The end result is locks that are not just far safer, but far easier to use as well. It is no wonder Samsung is leading the way in the digital door lock arena.