Digital Locks Will Replace Mechanical Locks

Mechanical door looks can provide excellent security, but they do have limitations. Digital door locks have already begun to replace mechanical door locks in other nations, particularly in Asia. These digital door locks have some surprising capabilities that make them more convenient, efficient and, in many ways, more secure than mechanical locks.

The Key Problem

Security is the whole point behind any door lock, of course, and digital door locks have some significant advantages over mechanical door locks in this aspect. In multi-lock environments, such as offices and schools, the traditional solution has been a master key system. The problem with these systems—or one of the problems with them, rather—is that, every time another individual needs to be granted access to some doors but not to others, a new key needs to be provided and, in many cases, the locks need to be changed to accommodate the new level of access. With digital keys, janitors, office workers, maintenance personnel and others can be given a digital key that provides them with access to needed areas but not to others and this can be done in seconds.

Digital keys can also be given on a temporary basis. If you have a repair person coming to your house, for instance, you can send them a key—over a network, you don’t have to deliver it in person—that will grant them access to your home for a given amount of time. Once the key expires, there’s no way they can use it to get in again. This eliminates the need to cut new keys to accommodate temporary personnel and, of course, it eliminates the risk of having such keys floating around after they should have been turned in.

One Less Thing

Anyone who has an office key, a car key, a home key, a key for their garage and so forth hanging off of their key ring knows the irritation of having to carry them all around. Electronic keys can be carried on a smartphone or other such device and completely eliminate the need to carry separate physical devices for every door that you use. You can open your car, your house, your office and so forth with one key. Best of all, if someone who should have access to any door for which you have the electronic key is locked out, you can transmit them a temporary key from whoever you are. This eliminates the need for expensive lock-out calls to locksmiths to grant access to a building.

How Long?

It probably won’t be long before electronic keys start to replace most of the mechanical door locks you see. Even though the initial investment might be a bit more, electronic door locks completely eliminate the need to physically rekey devices, which means that apartment buildings, hotels and other establishments with multiple doors can save money. For homeowners, keys can be changed as often as needed without having a professional come to do the work, which also saves a lot of money.