Factory Reset – SHP-DS510

Factory Reset Unlock and open door Hold [REG] button for 5 seconds Enter 1470852369 + * Close door and allow the unit to lock and set the bolt direction. *The Master PIN will now be set to 1234. Please change your Master PIN*

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Add Keytags or PINs – SHP-DS510

Keytag, Sticker or Card registration Unlock and open door Press [REG] button Enter Master PIN + * Press 3 + * Press 1 + * Enter User number (1~70) + * Hold the Keytag to CARD on the keypad Repeat from Step 6 or press [REG] to quit. User PIN code registration Unlock and open door Press [REG] button Enter [...]

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Change Master PIN – SHP-DS510

Change Master PIN code Unlock and open door Press [REG] button Enter current Master PIN + * Press 1 + * Enter NEW (4~10 digit) Master PIN + * Press [REG] to exit *If you are unable to change the master PIN. Please perform a Factory Reset*

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Installation – SHP-DS510

The SHP-DS510 requires a 35mm to 55mm thick door, and with a minimum of a 90mm lock stile which is the measurements from the edge of the door to any detail or glasswork. When installing this door lock, please make sure that you first find out whether your door is a right-handed or left-handed door. Looking from the outside, if [...]

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