Fingerprint Door Locks

Some products are simply more exciting and innovative than others. Samsung knows that you want more and expect the best from any product that you buy. With this in mind, they are proud to offer the Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock. The world of  keyless door locks is changing, and Samsung is out to prove it.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock, No Longer Just in the Movies

More than likely, you have seen digital door locks that use fingerprints in the movies. This very innovative technology was science-fiction not too long ago. But thanks to the innovators at Samsung, fingerprint technology has moved out of the movies and into our homes and offices. Now you can have this life changing technology at your fingertips as well!

Technologically Advanced But Built for Flexibility

Samsung’s Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock (SHS-5230) does what you expect it to do and far more, such as storing up to 100 different sets of fingerprints. Designed to be a flexible and highly secure door lock, Samsung’s Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock can used via a mechanical key, an access code with the assistance of the large touch pad screen, or, of course, the breakthrough keyless fingerprint biometric access system.

Samsung knows that you want flexibility in all of your products, and the Samsung’s Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock is designed with your needs in mind. While this digital door lock may be quite advanced, the number one goal remains customer usability and satisfaction.

Achieve Peace of Mind with the Double Authorization Mode

When it comes to clever and useful design, Samsung is always out in front of the crowd. For example, the Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock can be configured to use a Double Authorization Mode. This Double Authorization Mode stands out as a real breakthrough in digital door locks, and the approach to home security in general. With the Double Authorization Mode, it is possible to use both the fingerprint function and a user access code together in order to gain entry. The Double Authorization Mode gives you the peace of mind to go about your day knowing that you door and your home are secure.

Deep Levels of Functionality

Other great functionality includes an anti-theft system that is designed to trigger a warning sound if tampering does take place and a system designed to prevent would-be intruders from checking for fingerprint marks. Thus, this sleek looking and attractive lock is designed to out think anyone seeking to gain entry without your permission. If you are looking for a truly revolutionary lock, then Samsung’s Ezon Fingerprint Digital Door Lock should be at the very top of your list.