For Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Are Important

In any apartment complex, security can be an issue. No matter how high-end the complex might be, they will never have the same level of security as owning your own home. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you enjoy the best possible security and peace of mind while living in an apartment. One of those things is to only rent in a property that offers security technology within apartments – video door phone systems are the best option here. What are these systems?

Advanced Technology Improves on the Intercom
In the past, the best security for apartment dwellers was secured entry to the building with an intercom system and a good set of locks on the door. However, for today’s apartments, video door phone systems offer significant advantages. You will find that these systems provide heightened security for apartment renters, as well as controlled access to the building.

How Do They Work?

While there are numerous systems out there for apartments, video door phone systems work like this: There is a controlled entry point to the building, with contact boxes set up for each unit. Each contact box contains a microphone, a call button or keypad and a video camera. These are connected to monitors within the apartments; video door phone technology can be either wired or wireless, but wired is more reliable.
When a visitor enters, he or she must call the apartment to gain access to the building. When the call comes through, you (as the unit renter) will hear the person’s voice over the intercom, but you will also see live video footage so you ensure that you’re not letting in someone who doesn’t belong, that the person is not concealing a weapon or something else. In short, it’s the best possible security for you, right in your apartment.