In Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Don’t Compromise Security

Security and safety have always been concerns for apartment complexes, both in urban and suburban areas. Whether your property is a single apartment building or a full residential complex, providing your tenants with the right security is of paramount importance. Of course, gated or secured access is always a good solution, but not always cost effective. For apartments, video door phone systems can provide significantly higher security without the ongoing cost of security personnel. How do these systems function?

For Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Offer Control
One of the things that your tenants will enjoy the most about video/phone systems is the immense control they provide. For instance, consider the situation in a gated apartment community without live entrance security. A visitor will pull up to the gate and press the intercom buttons for the unit they wish to visit. However, because the tenant cannot see (and often cannot hear) the person on the other end, allowing that person entry is always a risky proposition.

For apartments, video door phone systems ensure that not only can the tenant hear what the visitor is saying, but that they can see them as well. This significantly reduces security risks for everyone living in the community.
Heightened Access to Security Features.

You will also find that these systems offer greater access for those living in apartments. Video door phone systems can be configured with multiple monitors within each unit. That means that tenants won’t have to go to one single location each time there’s a call on the intercom. They can answer from the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room or anywhere else a monitor is installed in the apartment.
As you can see, these advanced systems are excellent solutions for providing tenants with the security they deserve.