Keyless door locks make your life easy and are an effective way to ensure security of your home. Let’s take a look at the benefits of these efficient and hassle free home security systems.
Installation is a cakewalk:
You don’t need special or new doors to install keyless door locks. Your regular standard lock can be replaced with the digital locks with minimal need of modifications. These locks come in mechanical type which function without wiring or batteries, while the electronic type require standard batteries to function.
High level of security:
As the name suggests, no key is required for these digital locks and they operate through numeric codes. This unique feature drastically increases the level of security. The absence of key enables these home locks to be unalterable by thieves or unauthorized persons. The only way to get past the security system is to break open the entire thing, but doing that would trigger an alarm.
Change codes easily:
If you feel that the current security code of your digital lock has been compromised, you can easily change the code. You just have to feed in the old code, select the option to change code, identify yourself as an unauthorized person and once accepted, you can change the code. In some advanced keyless door locks, fingerprint authorization is also needed. But the process of changing codes remains more or less the same.
No keys required!:
Anyone who has lost a key and spent hours searching for it, knows how annoying it can be. Carrying a key is a big problem; it gets easily misplaced, is of grave importance (imagine being locked out of your own apartment!) and can easily be tampered with. Many times people keep extra keys or pass it on to their friends or neighbors to avoid the inconvenience caused by losing a key. But this increases the changes of unauthorized activities. With a keyless lock, you just need to memorise the security code and live without worries and keys!!