NFC Digital Door Locks and New Security Options

Near Field Communications (NFC) allows for the creation of a new paradigm in access control. Companies such as Samsung are now incorporating NFC digital door locks into their security offerings, providing a higher level of security at the same time that they’re offering more convenience to users.

What is NFC?

NFC is the technology that makes it possible for devices to exchange data when they’re brought in close proximity to one another. Smartphones can be used to communicate with NFC digital door locks. While NFC-enabled locks have taken off in Asia already, Western consumers will probably be more familiar with the technology as it’s been applied to automobiles. Smartphone keys for cars are becoming more common and most people, even if they don’t have this technology themselves, will be familiar with it.

NFC technology allows companies like Samsung and other security manufacturers to reduce keys to electronic information. This electronic information is more complex than a simple mechanical key and, at the same time, it’s far more portable. As an example, if someone locked themselves out of your home and you were at work, you could simply transmit the key to their smartphone device and they could open the door without you ever having to show up in person. NFC digital door locks can also be opened with temporary keys, which expire at a time of the issuer’s choosing. This is a great option for maintenance people, cleaning people and others who may need temporary access to your home.

What Makes it Safe?

Whenever a technology such as NFC digital door locks comes onto the market, any sensible person has to ask whether the new offering is as safe as the old standard. NFC digital door locks are just as safe and, in many ways, safer than are standard, mechanical door locks. The reasons for this are many, but they’re easy to understand.

When you give someone a key to a door to which they’re only supposed to have temporary access, you have to make sure that the key is retrieved after it’s been used. The problem is that the person could duplicate this key and retain access to the door after their actual legitimate access period had expired. With NFC digital door locks, you can make the key expire whenever you want.

NFC digital door locks are also equipped with technology that makes them very difficult to bypass. A standard mechanical lock can be picked fairly quickly by most locksmiths. The only exceptions to this are high-security locks and those can still be defeated with mechanical devices. NFC digital door locks present minimal methods of access to would be intruders, so there is actually less risk of someone defeating the lock.

If you’re interested in having products by Samsung or another manufacturer installed in your home, you’ll usually find that the benefits go far beyond these things. Digital locks never need to be rekeyed and they’re very durable. In multi-door facilities, they’re already being enthusiastically adopted.