The selection for home locks has changed with the introduction of Samsung Digital Door Locks.  Suitable for single home dwellings or multi-unit developments Samsung’s door locks offer enhanced security with a sleek and modern style. For a fool proof security solution, these keyless door locks can be accessed and secured via fingerprint, digital touch keypad, RFID/HID proximity reader and key override.

The latest generation of Samsung products for Home Locks has Bluetooth capabilities meaning accessing your home is a one touch away,  access logs can be shared between family members with notification to the parents when their kids arrive home, Samsung also has introduced way for a wireless communication between the Samsung Locks and Video Intercom systems.

  • Samsung SHS-7020 has a unique feature that differentiates it from some of other digital door locks in that a temporary password can be registered for one time use. Accessibilities: 3 way (Password, Key tag/card, Emergency key) Color: Black