• The SHS-D600 Rim Lock offers easy installation, marrying convenience with technology when managing entry to your home.

    Installation from an existing deadbolt is a simple retrofit operation. A new install can be completed on a 40-50mm thick door with a minimum of a 155mm lock stile. No additional door frame cuts required. Automatic locking allows you to feel secure whenever you leave the house by locking behind you whenever you go out. This can also be set to manual if you're in and out of the house frequently. Our products come complete in the box with all of the parts you'll need including 4 x AA batteries and 4 Samsung Key Tags to register.
    • Easy Installation
    • Entry for up to 20 users using Key Tags (2 x included)
    • Long battery life from 4 x AA batteries (Included) - 12 months, up to 10 entries per day
    • Always secure with auto-locking function
  • Smart doorlock features smartphone interoperability and compact rounded shape to provide safety for family members. Country: Global Accessibilities: 3 way (Smartphone app, Password, Key tag) App service: App service ON Shop at Stores:
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  • The best-selling model with a slim and cleverly designed deadbolt. Country: Global Accessibilities: 2 way(Password, Key tag) App service: App service OFF Also available at:
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    Samsung SHS-D607

    $239.00 $189.00
    Our first of two entries into the Samsung rim lock category offers an easy installation. Marrying convenience with technology when managing entry to your home. Accessibilities: 2 way (Password, Key tag)