Samsung SHS-7020


Samsung SHS-7020 has a unique feature that differentiates it from some of other digital door locks in that a temporary password can be registered for one time use.

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The SHS-7020 digital lock can be used for homes, business, rental holiday homes, warehouse and many other applications.

It’s easy to install and can be used as normal lock for families, however other functionality can be implemented such as the time limitation and access records.

Come with 2 mechanical keys backup and 4 cards each, template on how to install and a CD for the software. The same card can be used to open as many locks as you want. Lost cards can be deleted from the device without the need to re-register other users.

Additional Features

  • 250 Users  1 Master, 10 Admin, 240 users
  • Audit trail to record entries  5000 events
  • All other setup related tasks can be done on the actual lock. USB programming if needed ( useful to setup time zone for each group)
  • Single use codes
  • Time Zoned codes (Can lock access during certain times of the day and days of the week for certain users)


With the SHS-7020 because you can have a great number of PIN codes you do not have to issue additional cards to staff or replace them as staff change/lose cards.

User Access Code
Capacity: 4~12 Digit Number Combination

Zinc, ACRiL, PC ABS Plastic

Size (WxHxD)
Outer Body: 86 x 222 x 69mm
*includes the lever

Lock Set
Latch Bolt Cylinder Type Grade 1 (UL listed)

Door Thickness
Applicable 35~44mm

Door Hole Size

DC 6V (AA Alkaline Batteries, 5 pcs)

Battery Life
Approx. 12 mo. (Avg – 10x per day)

Mechanical Key
3 pcs (UL listed)

User Manual

SHS-7020 Leaflet