A Samsung Video Intercom that is Perfect for Any Home

The Samsung Video Intercom shs-3207 embodies just how much the world of video intercom systems has changed in recent years. This video intercom from Samsung is a standout for a variety of reasons. Most people will realize this fact as soon as they lay eyes on the system. This Samsung video intercom isn’t just known for being amazingly functional, but also for being very sleek and stylish. If you were thinking that a video intercom system needed to be bulky or might not fit in with your décor, then you need to take a look at the shs-3207.

Contemporary modern design by Samsung
7″ Wider view video door phone
Hands free system
Easy Installation
Up to 2 outside cameras can be connected
Up to 2 door locks can be opened from the main monitor inside the house

Modern and Sleek Design

The stylish shs-3207 video intercom system is a sculpted, sleek and modern. It will fit into any décor and will be noticed for its streamlined design, just as much as for its impressive functionality.

A Large Screen for Excellent Views

Of course, good looks are wonderful, but you might be wondering about its performance. This is where the shs-3207 really shines! The large and easy to view state of the art 7-inch TFT-LCD monitor is as far from the old-days of a tiny black and white monitor as one could possibly get. With the you will be able to see your guests and visitors arriving at your door in full colour and with extremely impressive clarity.

Two Cameras Means Placement and Coverage Flexibility

Up to two outside cameras can also be connected, giving you a high level of placement and coverage flexibility and a higher level of security. Additionally, up to two door locks can be opened from the main monitor. Thus, from inside your home, you can easily and safely and remotely open up to two different doors. There is even one external audio station that allows you to remotely communicate with visitors from the monitoring station.

All of this impressive functionality is combined with a stylish and slim design that can be placed virtually anywhere. When combined with the fact that the Samsung video intercom is a breeze to set up, it’s no wonder that the shs-3207 has become so wildly popular.

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