The Samsung Video Intercom SHT-3006 and Peace of Mind

It is certainly difficult, if not impossible, to put a price on peace of mind. Knowing that you and your family are safe is a savvy investment and one that pays a dividend each and every day. While there are many ways to increase the safety of your family, few are as effective as a video intercom system, such as a Samsung video intercom.

Features Include:

6″ colour TFT-LCD screen with crystal clear image
Easy to install high quality screen
Expandable up to 4 monitors and 3 door cameras
The SHT-3006 can control 2 locks in your home
Intercom between video monitors
Brightness and volume controls with an OSD menu
Door release function to all Samsung locks
Convenient touch pad control
The first video door phone with sensitive blue ICON

The Samsung Video Intercom SHT-3006 stands up in part due to its wide array of functionality. The SHT-3006 is remarkably expandable and can, in fact, work with up to four monitors and include 3 door cameras. This level of functionality allows for homeowners to make sure that every entrance to their home is well guarded and secure.

Yet, this is only one aspect of the functionality of this Samsung Video Intercom. Being able to release door locks remotely isn’t just a great security feature, but is also a feature that simply makes your life easier. Being able to open your doors with the touch of a button will make life more convenient for the entire family. Imagine eliminating having to drop whatever you are doing in order to answer the door. With the Samsung Video Intercom SHT-3006, you can see who is at the door and release the door from inside the house!

In terms of video quality, you will definitely be impressed, as this video intercom comes with a 5-inch TFT-LCD screen that will allow you to receive a crystal clear image of any visitor that arrives at your home. Additionally, unlike many other video intercom systems on the market, the Samsung Video Intercom SHT-3006 has an easy to use interface with a convenient touch pad control.

When you are looking for a real-time video intercom system, you want a device that is dependable, durable and easy to install. Samsung is one of the world’s leading brands in electronics for a good reason. Dependability and functionality are all-important in a video monitor. Once again with the SHT-3006 Samsung, the highest in quality is available. Learn more about this breakthrough innovation in video intercom systems by calling 1 800 665 397.