High Tech Design
Meets Top-Notch Safety

Samsung is welcoming a new era in the design and functionality of digital door locks with its brand new SHS-5120 model. This unit is perhaps Australia’s most state-of-the-art digital door lock design. After all, Samsung is one of the world’s most technologically advanced companies.
One of the most remarkable features of this new lock is that it is the first touch screen lock. This means that no buttons are required. The SHS-5120 works with a digital touch keypad. As a result, this door lock is not only extremely safe, but also slim and elegant. The outside body of the lock is made with tempered glass.
This beautiful digital door lock operates through the means of a smart card, RF key tag or touch key. Users can also select password that is 5-12 digits. The unit comes with 2 key tags and 2 mechanical keys as well.

DIY Unit Means Cost Savings

Further, the user can conveniently and easily install Samsung digital door locks, as this is a DIY unit. Samsung’s convenient installation means that you can save the expense and hassle of calling a locksmith.

Notable Features of SHS-5120

-Easily fits into most Australian doors 40-50mm.
-Touch screen
-Auto Lock
-Access using Password, RFID card or one of the four
supplied Mechanical keys.
– No stolen or lost keys for people in your premises.
– Add value to your premises.
-Break In Alarm
-Anti Shock System
-Fire Detection Sensor

Convenient Interfacing with Video

These digital door locks can also be controlled by optional remote controls for user convenience. Thanks to the video intercom, users can also conveniently release the lock through the Samsung monitor. This innovative interfacing between the Samsung digital door locks and the Samsung video intercom provides seamless entry while maintaining high level security.

Guaranteed Quality

Not only are Samsung SHS-5120 digital door locks beautifully designed, they also provide the high level of security that customers have come to expect from Samsung. All Samsung digital door locks are made from high grade materials.

Customers can trust that the top functionality of the digital door locks will properly secure any home or business. Samsung provides safety and reliability that users can trust. Further, users love the convenience of using credit cards with smart chips as their key.

Innovative Safety Features

Samsung provides users extremely useful safety features including burglar alarms and fire detection capability. Additionally, the digital door locks include an emergency external battery terminal and emergency mechanical keys. To further ensure user safety, electrostatic discharge prevention withstands high voltage shocks. The Samsung SHS-5120 digital door locks also allow users to easily depart simply by turning the handle from the inside.

Overview of Samsung SHS-5120 Digital Door

-Easy to operate and program

All English instructions are provided

– Simple installation

Digital door locks are installed in Australian doors through deadbolts.
The deadbolt hole should be 40mm and 80mm backset. No additional holes are required.

– Convenient returns

Samsung SHS-5120 digital door locks have a 30 day money back guarantee.

– Excellent warranty

Samsung digital door locks also come with a 24 month warranty. Beware of digital door lock imitators with no brand. Unfortunately, no brand equals no

-Self-contained unit

The fact that the digital door locks are self-contained units means that no outside software is necessary. This also means that the lock will operate without electricity. Even if the power is cut, your locks will still remain safe.

– Powered by standard AA batteries

Your digital door locks will take 4 standard AA batteries and operates at a low efficient cost. At a rate of 20 door entries per day, the batteries last
approximately one year. Additionally, a 9V emergency power supply can be used as backup power source.

-Don’t worry about lost keys

In the case that RF key tags or smartcards are lost, they can be easily disabled. With Samsung digital door locks, there is no more worrying about losing your keys!

-Additional Safety Features Such as Heat Sensors

A heat sensor that operates from inside the house will automatically release the door when the temperature reaches 60C.

-Additional Key Tags and Smart Cards Can Be Registered

In the case that you get more than one digital door lock, the key tag or smart card can be registered on more than one lock. Though this
means, you can make your own master key(s).

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Easy to fit into most of the door. Main features of this lock are touch screen, auto Lock, break in alarm, Anti shock system, fire detection sensor and many other features.

The lock can be released by remote control (optional ) and can also be linked to our new range of Video Intercom  so that you can release the lock from the Samsung monitor.

If you after guarantee quality and design then look no further than Samsung new range of locks. For all intents and purpose, the SHS-5120
can serve as primary lock to secure any area of your house or business. Imagine using your credit card (that got smart chip) as your key.

Why buy this lock?

1- Easy to operate and program. All English instructions included.
2- Fit into most Australian doors 40-80mm.
3- 24 months warranty.
4- 30 days money back.
5- Made of high grade material by world’s leading company Samsung. Beware of locks with no brand (No brand = No warranty)
6- No keys for you, partner, husband, wife, kids or employee
7- Stand alone unit, no electricity no worry about power cut.
8- Easy and  low cost to operate, 4 AA batteries will take you more than a year on average usage of 20 per day).
9- Comes with mechanical keys as well.
10- Lost keys can be disabled. Dont worry about losing your keys.
11- Heater sensor(from inside the house) that will release the door when temp reaches 60C.
12-If you get more than one lock, the same key tag or smart card can be registered on more than one lock so you can make your own
master key(s).

 Product Manual