Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks offer top-notch safety along with an award winning design. These digital door locks, designed specifically with the Australian customer in mind, provide homes and businesses the level of peak technology and innovation that we have come to expect from Samsung.

In 2010, the Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks won a Red Dot Design Award for their gorgeous and effective design. This award is a coveted design prize that is given out from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The prize seeks to single out trendsetting companies who are offering extremely high design quality.

High Quality/Functionality

The design of the Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks will enhance the appearance of your home or business. In fact, this lock is perfect for homes, apartments or offices. This gorgeous and innovative design offers top security and can be opened with a card and you can have up to 20 cards or password. RF key tags are also available to open up these digital door locks. To offer convenience for customers, the SHS-6020 digital door locks can also be opened with an emergency mechanical key(two supplied).

Further, Samsung digital door locks can be easily integrated with video intercom systems. This means that with just a touch of a button, the lock can be safely opened from inside. Samsung video intercom units and digital door locks work flawlessly together and provide the utmost in safety and user experience.

Samsung SHS-6020 digital door locks also offer enhanced security against jolts and unauthorized pin numbers. In fact, these triggers will sound the alarm to protect your home or office from intruders. Samsung has also provided additional convenient features to enhance the user experience and functionality. For example, the circuit board is water-proof and operates in extremely low and high temperatures.

This digital door locks also lets you know when the battery is low. An alarm and light alert users when it is time to change batteries. A 9V battery also provides an emergency backup in case of power failure.

Top-Level Protection from Unauthorized Visitors

Today, more than ever, homeowners and business owners need to be aware of the possibility of intruders. Only a quick search on the Internet immediately provides unscrupulous parties with detailed information on how to break into homes.

For examples, “bump keys” can be made in minutes with instruction from countless free videos on Youtube. Unfortunately, bump keys are illegally modified keys, which can allow users to bypass the standard operation of a lock and key design. More and more people are turning to digital door locks as they provide safety and security that can no longer be offered by the “old fashioned” lock and key design.

Further, with digital door locks, customers do not need to worry who may have access to their home or office. With regular keys, it is easy for previous tenants, locksmiths or past employees to unauthorized make copies of keys. In fact, potential intruders even need to go to the hardware store to make copies of keys. They can do it at home in just seconds. Digital door locks are the ideal way to protect your home and/ or business from unwanted visitors.

Overview of Samsung SHS-6020 Digital

  • Door Locks
  • Award winning design. The Samsung SHS-6020 provides an award winning design that won the coveted Red Dot award in 2010.
  • Easy to operate and program. All English instructions are provided
  • Simple installation. Digital door locks are installed in most Australian doors with thickness of 38mm to 61mm.The lock has a 70mm backset and easy to install.Two holes is needed into the door,and additional holes are required.
  • Convenient returns
  • Excellent warranty. Samsung digital door locks also come with a 24 month warranty.
  • Beware of digital door lock imitators with no brand. Unfortunately, no brand equals no warranty.
  • Self-contained unit. The fact that the digital door locks are self-contained units means that no outside software is necessary. This also means that the lock will operate without electricity. Even if the power is cut, your locks will still remain safe.
  • Powered by standard AA batteries. Your digital door locks will take 4 standard AA batteries and operates at a low efficient cost. At a rate of 20 door entries per day, the batteries last approximately one year. Additionally, a 9V emergency power supply can be used as backup power source.
  • Don’t worry about lost keys. In the case that RF key tags or smartcards are lost, they can be easily disabled. With Samsung digital door locks, there is no more worrying about losing your keys!
  • Additional Safety Features Such as Heat Sensors. A heat sensor that operates from inside the house will automatically release the door when the temperature reaches 60C.
  • Additional Key Tags and Smart Cards Can Be Registered. In the case that you get more than one digital door lock, the key tag or smart card can be registered on more than one lock. Though this means, you can make your own master key(s).