Samsung SHP-DP728 – Silver


Fingerprint recognition and smartphone app service

Accessibilities: 5 way (Smartphone app, Fingerprint, Password, Key tag, Emergency key)

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  • SAccess
    • Fingerprint entry
    • Built-in Bluetooth for unlocking
    • RFID Card/ Master PIN Access
  • Welcome feature for users (Sensor detects any motions within 70cm range)
  • Door access event log
  • In & out push message alert
  • Door Open/ Door Close Status notification
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Manner mode for quiet night outings
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass key
  • The Push-Pull design is easier to use. (Push to enter, pull to exit)
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Mobile notifications when family members arrive home
  • Quick view of in & out activities
  • Unlocking options include RFID Cards, password, or fingerprint.
  • Speedy and accurate access with the optical finger print authentication
  • Automatic wake-up on approaching by using IR sensor
  • The door lock status is displayed on the front panel in text for the user’s convenience
  • Manner mode is available for quiet entrances in late nights (Button sound is muted.)

AA Alkaline 1.5 Batteries (LR6) 4EA or 8EA (6V)

Emergency Power Source
9V Battery (6LF22) (Separately sold)

Operation Method
Electronic Control Method (Fingerprint or key tag reading)

AA Alkaline 1.5 Batteries (LR6) 4EA or 8EA (6V)

4.1 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)

Product Dimensions
Outer body
(including the handle) 87.5 X 391.8 X 64.5mm(WxHxD)
Inner body
(including the handle) 88.5 X 357.6 X 69.3mm(WxHxD)


Please note: the card and key tag, certified by Samsung SDS only, shall be available on Samsung Smart Doorlocks. Samsung SDS is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of any other card and key tag.

Warranty Info

Return to base warranty:

2 years electronics

7 years mechanical

Installation Info

Professional installation recommended

Can be installed on left and right handed doors

Door thickness: 38-60mm
Minimum lock stile: 115mm
Backset: 70mm

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Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-DP728

Check family member’s safe return through real-time notifications. Receive real time Home App push notifications when certain family members arrive at home such as your child or elderly parent.

You can download the Apps here:


Mobile Notification when family members arrive at home

Quick view of in & out activities

One touch unlock with your smarthphone bluetooth

Push & Pull Door Handleh

Fingerprint Capacity

Battery Replacement Reminder

Based on 10 usage per day ( average for a family ), after 12 months, the lock will need to have new batteries, once the batteries are approaching replacement, the lock will play a melody notifying the user that new set of batteries are needed.

Security Measures

Samsung made it impossible for theft to guess your password by implementing a random number generator, two numbers will show up in random order each time you put your password, this will have your fingerprint all around the lock and not on the numbers forming your password only.

Mechanical Keys

5 Included

Key Tags

2 included

Password/Card Capacity


Fingerprint Capacity


Shome Mobile App

Activity Log to Mobile


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