We are entering the age of Internet of things.
Internet connectivity has advanced from Bluetooth to WiFi.
Anytime and anyplace, you can check whether the door remains locked,
and whether someone trespassed your house.
And, you can let a visitor open the door with temporary access number.
It redefines concepts of Internet of things and doorlock.

Next Generation of
Push-Pull Doorlock

Smart IoT Doorlock, SHP-DR708, opens the door to new smart life.
Building upon the previous generation breakthroughs with multiple access methods,
precision engineering and design, the new generation smart IoT Doorlock provides
upgraded accessibility, strengthened security, and connectivity with your smartphone.

Smartphone acts as
your doorbell

Smart Bell


Touch to unlock
when you go out

Soft Touch

security solution


5 Different
authentication methods



Allways Connected.
WiFi Access

Anywhere anywhere the phone connects to your front door.
Whether you are away from home or in your bedroom,
you have control as much as if you were standing in front of your door.

Anytime, anyplace,
you can unlock the door.
Remote unlocking

Anytime, you can identify who in your family entered or exited the door.
Notice of arrival at home

Regular visitor to your house can easily unlock the door.
Password for regular visitor

Visitor can easily unlock the door.
One-time password

Always Innovative.
Soft Touch Open

It is all about ‘easy to use’, especially when you go out or come home.
When you go out, with a light touch on the handle, the built-in proximity
sensor and movement sensor unlock the doorlock automatically.
Of course, when coming in, authentication will be needed to
unlock the doorlock automatically.

Always Smart.
Doorbell Ring

Whether you are out of the house or cannot hear the doorbell in home,
the app will always notify when the doorbell rings.
Never miss any visitors.

Always Easy to Use.
Convenient Unlocking and
Status Display

The unlocking methods of digital doorlock is continuously changing.
In addition to the ways of unlocking with fingerprint, NFC mobile key, password,
you can remotely unlock through the APP in your smartphone anytime anyplace.

Always Secure.
loT Security

Three different user data protection technology to
protect personal data, such as password, app data, etc.

Surpassing Expectation for
Safety and Convenience

Smart Door Locks must satisfy demands for safety and convenience.
Here are 10 features of the next generation IoT Smart Door lock.

Random Security Code

Before entering your password you will be
prompted to tap two randomly chosen digits,
making it impossible to guess which numbers
you have entered by looking for smudges.

Intrusion Alarm

After 5 failed entry attempts lock will disable itself for
3 minutes, preventing authentication of any kind.
Forced entry or attempted tampering to bypass
the lock will set off alarm immediately.

High Temperature Alarm

When the built-in sensor detects abnormal
high-temperature, the alarm will be triggered,
and the doorlock will flash to alert the user.
The doorlock will be also automatically
unlocked to allow fast escape.

* High-temperature detection function is operational at about
70 °C ± 10 °C ; this can vary depending on the installation environment

Anti-theft Mode

Enable Anti-theft mode when you leave the house.
Once activated, an alarm will trigger if anyone
attempts to open the door from inside.

Welcome Function

Approaching the door will automatically activate
the touch pad allowing convenient password entry.
Repeated pacing around the entry
will also set off the alarm.

Status display

LED displays basic information for user on screen,
such as door lock condition, authentication and
low battery warning.

Volume Setting

Volume can be adjusted or muted entirely
for the benefit of those around you.

Low Battery Notification

When the batteries are running low,
the doorlock informs you with melody and LED icon.

External Power

If you forget to replace battery,
you can temporarily power the lock by touching a
9V battery to external battery socket.

Emergency Key

In case of discharged battery, forgotten password
or error on lock device, you can set emergency key
and use general key for unlocking.

And Reliability

Samsung SDS uses strict standards
and extensive testing to produce a quality doorlock
that you and your family can trust.

45 thousand times

door opening test Before releasing a new product,
Samsung conducts tests in real world environments.
The opening door test is conducted 45 thousand times.

300 thousand times

locking test To ensure the lock will hold up for
long term use, the door is locked and unlocked
300 thousand times.

120 thousand times

mortise test 120 thousand mortise operation tests
has been conducted to ensure door opening
and closing operation.

RoHS Limited Hazardous Material
(category 6)

mortise test 120 thousand mortise operation tests
have been conducted to ensure door opening
and closing operation.

RUV Test

All components tested to withstand
long exposure to UV.

Salt Spray Test

All components tested to withstand
long exposure to UV.

Product Detail


Type Details
Battery  Alkaline 1.5V AA Battery (LR6) x 8
Backup Power  1 9V Battery (Not Included)
Accessibilities  NFC-enanbled Android phones with NFC-enabled USIM chips,
Smartphone App, fingerprint, password, mechanical key
Weight 3.245kg (including inner/outer lock)
Product Size
(including handle)
 Inner Lock: 80mm(W) x 500mm(H) x 57.5mm(D)
Outer Lock: 80mm(W) x 400mm(H) x61.5mm(D)


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