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Samsung Smart loT Doorlock SHP-DR708



IoT Smart Doorlock

  • Accessibilities
    4 way(Smartphone app, Fingerprint, Password, Emergency key)
  • App service
    App service ON
  • Color

Design awards Good Design Award

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We are entering the age of Internet of things.
Internet connectivity has advanced from Bluetooth to WiFi.
Anytime and anyplace, you can check whether the door remains locked,
and whether someone trespassed your house.
And, you can let a visitor open the door with temporary access number.
It redefines concepts of Internet of things and doorlock.

Next Generation of
Push-Pull Doorlock

Smart IoT Doorlock, SHP-DR708, opens the door to new smart life.
Building upon the previous generation breakthroughs with multiple access methods,
precision engineering and design, the new generation smart IoT Doorlock provides
upgraded accessibility, strengthened security, and connectivity with your smartphone.

Smartphone acts as
your doorbell

Smart Bell


Touch to unlock
when you go out

Soft Touch

security solution


5 Different
authentication methods



Allways Connected.
WiFi Access

Anywhere anywhere the phone connects to your front door.
Whether you are away from home or in your bedroom,
you have control as much as if you were standing in front of your door.

Anytime, anyplace,
you can unlock the door.
Remote unlocking

Anytime, you can identify who in your family entered or exited the door.
Notice of arrival at home

Regular visitor to your house can easily unlock the door.
Password for regular visitor

Visitor can easily unlock the door.
One-time password

Product Detail


Type Details
Battery  Alkaline 1.5V AA Battery (LR6) x 8
Backup Power  1 9V Battery (Not Included)
Accessibilities  NFC-enanbled Android phones with NFC-enabled USIM chips,
Smartphone App, fingerprint, password, mechanical key
Weight 3.245kg (including inner/outer lock)
Product Size
(including handle)
 Inner Lock: 80mm(W) x 500mm(H) x 57.5mm(D)
Outer Lock: 80mm(W) x 400mm(H) x61.5mm(D)


Free Download the mobile app ‘Samsung Smart Doorlock’ from the iTunes Apple StoreTM or  GooglePlayTM  for smart loT Features