Samsung SHS-3321 – Keyless & Safe

Our entry level lock and with up to 70 users for RFID key tag or PIN codes, this deadbolt lock is ideally installed on any timber door and paired with a stylish passage or lever set

Additional Features

Automatic Locking

Smart Doorlocks from Samsung can automatically lock when the door has been shut

Keypad Volume Control

Adjustable volume settings (3 levels, including mute)

Low Battery Signal

The lock will notify you by playing a tune when the battery is low

Interface with Video Intercom

The Smart Doorlocks can be opened from a video intercom with a wired connection

Key Features & Benefits

User Friendly Access

– Up to 71 PIN Codes
– Up to 70 RFID Key Tag Users

Automatic Locking

– Magnetic Sensor allows the SHS-3321 to lock automatically

Low Battery Alert

– The lock will notify you by playing a tune when the battery is low

Battery Replacement Reminder

Based on 10 entries per day, the batteries included will last for 12 months. Once it comes time to replace the batteries the lock will notify you to replace them.

Wireless release

This lock can be released by an intercom system with the additional RF Wireless Kit. The kit includes a transmitter to attach to your indoor intercom panel and a receiver to go into the lock.

Random Security Number Pad

Our random security code function makes sure your fingerprints get around all of the positions on the keypad to deter any theives trying to figure out your code by having 2 random digits popping up before entering your code

Secure your home

Anti-theft Mode

Random Security Code

Double Authorization

Key Tag

RFID Key Tag capacity

Password Capacity

71 Including the master code

Cards Capacity

70 Users

Where to buy

Finding your nearest place to purchase your Samsung Digital DoorLock has never been easier with 220+ locations Australia-wide.

Where Tol Buy

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