Samsung SHP-DH525


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In stock

A premium model featuring smartphone app service and User-friendly UI.

Accessibilities: 4 way (Smartphone app, Password, Key tag, Emergency key)

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Samsung’s keyless deadbolt digital lock offers security and convenience in a stylish housing and design.

Bluetooth integration allows you access your home using your smart phone as your key.

A new install can be completed on a 38mm thick door with a minimum of a 115mm lock stile. This lock is universally handed for left or right handed installations.

If you or a loved one has ever been locked out of the house, going keyless is a simple decision. No more keys to hide, or get cut and copied.

Giving access to trades, guests, or friends has never been easier. It’s 20 RFID user capacity, and capacity for 8 bluetooth devices allows you to register multiple users each with their own code, phone or Samsung KeyTag or SmartTag.

Automatic locking allows you to feel secure whenever you leave the house by locking behind you whenever you go out. This can also be set to manual if you’re in and out of the house frequently.

Our products come complete in the box with all of the parts you’ll need including 8 AA batteries, 2 Samsung KeyTags, and 5 mechanical backup keys to register.

  • Keyless entry for up to 20 users by PIN or KeyTag
  • Up to 8 registered bluetooth devices (Smartphone)
  • Long battery life from 4 x AA batteries – 18 months over 10 entries per day
  • 2 x Samsung KeyTags, 5 Mechanical backup keys, and batteries included
  • Affordable price for an integrated handle and keyless entry
  • Always secure with auto-locking function
The Samsung Smart Bluetooth Digital Door Lock brings the convenience of Bluetooth communication to an already popular range of smart door locks. The DH525 features an integrated lock and handle, presents great value, and offers a complete locking solution. This lock has a master access code, can handle up to 8 Bluetooth devices and 20 RFID Key Tag users, with long battery life.
Model Name: SHP-DH525
Model Number: SHP-DH525
Material: Zinc, Aluminium, PolycarbonateColourGloss black & Chrome handle
Product Dimensions (mm)W:81 H:302 L:66Package Dimensions (mm)W:300 H:390 L:103
Weight: 3.1kg
Finish: Gloss Black / Chrome
Lock Type: Mortise


(Bluetooth with Handle Type Lock )


Bluetooth with Handle Type Lock



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Push notifications via smartphone

push notification

Push notifications via smartphone

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