The Shark-Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-2320

Technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and that means that you don’t have to use the same old door lock that you have always used. Thanks to Samsung, you now have options that would have seemed like nothing short of a dream only a few years ago. The Shark, Samsung Digital Door Lock (SHS-2320) is truly a lock for the 21st century.

A Very Different Kind of Lock

Just one look at The Shark, and you know you are dealing with a completely different kind of door lock. The Shark allows for a kind of convenient access that is sure to surprise many users. A keypad allows for an access code to be entered or key tags or RFID cards can be used as well. In fact, in a smart piece of design and engineering, The Shark can even be configured to use double authorization, meaning that both an access code and RFID card can be required to gain entry.

This double authorization functionality combines with a user-friendly graphic interface to make The Shark a breeze to use and enjoy every day. The user-friendly graphic interface instantly gives you access to a world of information about your digital door lock and its status. Easy to read and understand icons and codes instantly tell you everything from the mode your lock is in to whether or not you have a low battery.

Impressive Engineering and Design Throughout

In another clever piece of engineering, The Shark has been designed in such a fashion that the door will not unlock from the inside unless the infrared ray sensor detects movement on the inside. Now that is a very smart lock! There is even an anti-theft setup that can prevent tampering in the first place.

A Serious Lock with Serious Stopping Power

Samsung knows that you want a digital door lock that excels at its main task of being a durable door lock meant to take a pounding. All of this technology behind The Shark means that Samsung worked to make The Shark a very durable and reliable locking system. The Shark has double claw bolts, which act as an additional defense against intruders. If you want stopping power, then The Shark is the answer.

The Shark Means Security

There may be lots of locks and digital door locks on the market, but The Shark stand in a class all of its own. Built to last and incorporating cutting edge technology and design know-how, The Shark is the lock for those who truly want an impressive level of added security.