Tips for Choosing Apartment Video Intercom Systems

If you are seeking the best way to provide tenants at your properties with security, then apartment video intercom systems are an excellent option. These advanced systems can provide immense security, privacy and peace of mind for tenants. However, they’re not all created equal. You will need to know a few things before you choose any system to install at your property. Here are a few things that should take precedence.

Video Quality: One of the most significant advantages of these systems is the fact that they support video. However, you need to ensure that any apartment video intercom systems that you choose have a high quality video feed. It will do your tenants no good at all if the video is grainy and hard to see. They need to be able to view the person on the other end of the transmission clearly. You might also consider adding extra illumination around the intercom and camera to help improve visibility.

Audio Quality: A significant consideration when investing in apartment video intercom systems is the quality of the audio feed. Seeing the person on the other end of the transmission is not enough – your tenants need to be able to hear them clearly as well. A good system will offer high quality video and audio streams (some offer HD quality, though they will cost a bit more at the outset).

Number of Monitors per Unit: Finally, you will also want to consider the number of monitors per unit that the video/intercom system can support. All apartment video intercom systems will come with a base set of monitors, but higher end systems will provide you with the means to add additional monitors and lay them out in the unit to provide convenience for your tenants.