A Video Intercom for Apartments Use Offers Advantages over Older Technology

Once upon a time, the only security that an apartment renter could hope for was a good lock on the door and maybe an intercom system downstairs. However, these solutions were notoriously low quality and provided very little in the way of security or peace of mind. Thankfully, technology has evolved significantly and renters can now find advanced video intercom apartment systems that significantly improve security. For apartment building owners and developers, these are essential considerations.

What should you use as a yardstick to determine if one system is better than another? How can you ensure that you make the best choice for your tenants and your bank account? The first thing you need to do is research the various video intercom apartment systems out there. You will find systems from brands that have a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, as well as those from lesser-known companies. It’s always preferable to opt for a name you know and trust.

You should also make sure that the system you choose can be scaled to meet your needs. You want to find a system that can be tailored to fit the number of units in your building. Since each apartment building varies, that means locating video intercom apartment platforms that offer immense scalability. In addition, you should make sure that the system includes multiple monitors per unit. You don’t want to take a chance on systems that only offer a single monitor per apartment. A quality system can have three, four or even five monitors, allowing you to position them around each apartment and offer greater convenience to your tenants as well as enhanced security.

With a bit of research, you can locate quality video intercom apartment systems that offer affordability, flexibility and dependable operation.

Apartment Video Intercom Systems Make for Strong Security

For owners or developers of apartment complexes, making sure your properties are appealing is the best way to entice potential renters to take up residence. You’ll find numerous ways to do this, including upgraded materials in each apartment (hardwood floors, real wood trim, etc. are all hot right now). However, you should not overlook the security of your residents. Apartment video intercom systems can provide you with the perfect way to do this. Not only will this make an excellent selling point for a property, but it can also help to ensure that you are able to provide the best security and protection for each unit in your building.

What should you look for in apartment video intercom systems, though? As technology has evolved, numerous such systems have come onto the market. You’ll find that you have a range of choices, but there are some pretty specific things that you should look for in order to ensure that you make the best possible choice.

Range: One of the first things you will need to consider is the range of the system. Some video apartment intercom systems only support a limited number of units. For instance, you might find that one system will support only 30 or 40 units, while a higher end system will support up to 500 or more. That obviously makes a huge difference in your decision.

Cost: How much does the system cost? Obviously, you will be footing the initial bill for the system, though you will recoup that cost through rent payments. You want to neither overpay nor underpay. Ideally, you will find a happy medium on a system that provides excellent operation and reliability, as well as a decent price point so it doesn’t take you an exceptionally long time to recoup that investment.

For Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Are Important

In any apartment complex, security can be an issue. No matter how high-end the complex might be, they will never have the same level of security as owning your own home. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you enjoy the best possible security and peace of mind while living in an apartment. One of those things is to only rent in a property that offers security technology within apartments – video door phone systems are the best option here. What are these systems?

Advanced Technology Improves on the Intercom

In the past, the best security for apartment dwellers was secured entry to the building with an intercom system and a good set of locks on the door. However, for today’s apartments, video door phone systems offer significant advantages. You will find that these systems provide heightened security for apartment renters, as well as controlled access to the building.

How Do They Work?

While there are numerous systems out there for apartments, video door phone systems work like this: There is a controlled entry point to the building, with contact boxes set up for each unit. Each contact box contains a microphone, a call button or keypad and a video camera. These are connected to monitors within the apartments via floor distributors; video door phone technology can be either wired or wireless, but wired is more reliable.

When a visitor enters, he or she must call the apartment to gain access to the building. When the call comes through, you (as the unit renter) will hear the person’s voice over the intercom, but you will also see live video footage so you ensure that you’re not letting in someone who doesn’t belong, that the person is not concealing a weapon or something else. In short, it’s the best possible security for you, right in your apartment.

In Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Don’t Compromise Security

Security and safety have always been concerns for apartment complexes, both in urban and suburban areas. Whether your property is a single apartment building or a full residential complex, providing your tenants with the right security is of paramount importance. Of course, gated or secured access is always a good solution, but not always cost effective. For apartments, video door phone systems can provide significantly higher security without the ongoing cost of security personnel. How do these systems function?

For Apartments, Video Door Phone Systems Offer Control

One of the things that your tenants will enjoy the most about video/phone systems is the immense control they provide. For instance, consider the situation in a gated apartment community without live entrance security. A visitor will pull up to the gate and press the intercom buttons for the unit they wish to visit. However, because the tenant cannot see (and often cannot hear) the person on the other end, allowing that person entry is always a risky proposition.

For apartments, video door phone systems ensure that not only can the tenant hear what the visitor is saying, but that they can see them as well. This significantly reduces security risks for everyone living in the community.

Heightened Access to Security Features

You will also find that these systems offer greater access for those living in apartments. Video door phone systems can be configured with multiple monitors within each unit. That means that tenants won’t have to go to one single location each time there’s a call on the intercom. They can answer from the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room or anywhere else a monitor is installed in the apartment.

As you can see, these advanced systems are excellent solutions for providing tenants with the security they deserve.

The Positive Implications of Apartment Video Intercom Systems

For individuals residing in the larger metropolitan or urban areas of the United States, home security is typically of large importance. The installation of apartment video intercom systems can offer apartment tenants a degree of personal safety and home security that will also dramatically help reduce occurrences of theft and tragic violent crimes. Typically, apartment video intercom systems are found in larger, multi-unit apartment complexes and affluent residential neighborhoods in cities of all sizes across the nation and world. These security countermeasures have been designed to not only allow apartment tenants and current homeowners the ability to observe their guests but also to document any isolated occurrences of burglary, violent crimes and other criminal behavior. These video documentation methods will facilitate the prosecution of those who have chosen to tyrannize and trespass upon others.

Apartment video intercom systems can be incorporated into a standard tenancy agreement. Sadly, these security devices cannot typically be obtained for a single apartment within a larger complex of units. Fortunately, an increasing number of apartment owners and building developers are recognizing the growing importance of these security and observation devices and are adding them into standard leasing packages in hopes of attracting premium clientele.

Video intercom systems almost always require an assortment of cabling and installation methods to function correctly. These technologically advanced devices incorporate an array of equipment in order to offer the best, most effective security measures.

Apartment video intercom systems allow apartment tenants to visually monitor and communicate succinctly with individuals in close proximity to their apartment complex. The devices feature cameras and microphones, allowing for a powerful multimedia security system.

It is a sad truth that we no longer inhabit a world in which weakened security measures are sufficient. The personal safety of individuals and the protection of their possessions should be of primary concern to those making careers within the arena of residential development and leasing. Although the odds of an occurrence of theft or criminal mischief may be overwhelmingly small, the security and peace of mind these devices can offer is absolutely priceless.

Tips for Choosing Apartment Video Intercom Systems

If you are seeking the best way to provide tenants at your properties with security, then apartment video intercom systems are an excellent option. These advanced systems can provide immense security, privacy and peace of mind for tenants. However, they’re not all created equal. You will need to know a few things before you choose any system to install at your property. Here are a few things that should take precedence.

Video Quality: One of the most significant advantages of these systems is the fact that they support video. However, you need to ensure that any apartment video intercom systems that you choose have a high quality video feed. It will do your tenants no good at all if the video is grainy and hard to see. They need to be able to view the person on the other end of the transmission clearly. You might also consider adding extra illumination around the intercom and camera to help improve visibility.

Audio Quality: A significant consideration when investing in apartment video intercom systems is the quality of the audio feed. Seeing the person on the other end of the transmission is not enough – your tenants need to be able to hear them clearly as well. A good system will offer high quality video and audio streams (some offer HD quality, though they will cost a bit more at the outset).

Number of Monitors per Unit: Finally, you will also want to consider the number of monitors per unit that the video/intercom system can support. All apartment video intercom systems will come with a base set of monitors, but higher end systems will provide you with the means to add additional monitors and lay them out in the unit to provide convenience for your tenants.

Video Intercom Apartment Systems Offer Peace of Mind

Apartment living is definitely on the rise in the Australia. As more and more people find that the economy is having an adverse effect on their jobs, and suffering from a reduced income as a result, fewer people are buying houses. Of course, they still need a place to call home, and apartments seem to be the perfect option, though some do have qualms about safety and security. For those concerned about security in such a situation, video intercom apartment systems can offer significant peace of mind.

Advanced technology has made it far easier than ever to ensure that your apartment is safe and secure. In fact, more and more apartment complexes are installing video intercom apartment systems to meet their renters’ growing demand. What does this technology offer? In its most basic setup, you might have controlled access to the main building, with visitors only able to access the main entrance. Here, an intercom and video system would be set up to allow residents to screen anyone attempting to contact them.

A slightly more advanced version provides security for individual apartments through a camera and intercom system set up at the doorway. This allows apartment residents to see who is at the door and speak with them via the intercom before opening the door. Video intercom apartment systems are significantly more advantageous than older peephole or plain intercom systems, and can provide an immense measure of security for residents in any type of configuration.

As more and more apartment building owners and developers recognize the benefits found by providing their residents with better security, you can expect to find a larger number of apartment complexes in urban and suburban areas featuring this technology as a selling point for their units.

Video Intercom Apartment Technology: Building a Better Environment

For those who live in apartments, life can be a bit less secure than they might wish. Safety in apartment complexes is not always as high as it should be. For complex owners and developers, this can put a damper on rentals, which equates to a drastic loss in profitability. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Video intercom apartment systems can enhance the environment and provide substantially better security.

What Is This Technology?

Chances are good that you have seen these systems in action before. There are several different ways in which they can be set up, including at the door to each apartment, at the door to the building or at the gate to the community. In essence, video intercom apartment systems operate a lot like the intercom systems of yesteryear, but they’re far more beneficial. For example, with older systems, there was no video feed and the audio was often of subpar quality. With modern systems, residents are provided with super-high quality video and audio at all times. This ensures a safe, healthy environment for your tenants (and encourages higher rental percentages with fewer empty units).

Can You Benefit?

You’re likely wondering if you can benefit from using video intercom apartment systems. The answer is a resounding yes. Not only will your tenants have better security, but the overall health and safety of your apartment complex will improve as well. There are few ways that you can make such drastic changes while ensuring that you are also giving your tenants more value for their money (and eliminating empty apartments at the same time).

Finally, you will find that these systems can be installed in any complex, whether it’s new construction or an existing property. That offers tremendous flexibility and ensures that all property owners can take advantage of them.

Video Intercom Apartment Technology: Building a Better Environment

For those who live in apartments, life can be a bit less secure than they might wish. Safety in apartment complexes is not always as high as it should be. For complex owners and developers, this can put a damper on rentals, which equates to a drastic loss in profitability. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Video intercom apartment systems can enhance the environment and provide substantially better security.