A Video Intercom Sends a Powerful Message to home security

Having a video intercom comes with many important security and practical benefits to your home. Being able to electronically control entry to your home with the touch of a button is just such a practical benefit. It leaves most people wondering how they ever lived without it. This functionality at just the push of a button can do wonders to make everyday life easier and safer as well. But there are also additional safety benefits to the video intercom system that might be easy to initially overlook.

The video intercom system works to send a message to everyone that visits your home. It also sends a powerful message to those people passing by or those who may be evaluating your home for potential illegal activities, such as a break-in. The simple fact that your home has a video intercom system sends out numerous different and important messages to the world.

The first message that a video intercom system sends out to the world is that you take your home security quite seriously. It is difficult to underestimate just how important of a factor this could be. Just as a home security sign works to tell would-be intruders that you take home security seriously, a video intercom system amplifies this effect quite substantially. After all anyone who sees a video intercom system has to wonder what other security you may have in place.

A video intercom often means that everyone who attempts to gain entry to your home will be photographed or recorded. Unless a criminal is also a technology expert, he will not be able to know the full functionality of your given video intercom. This is an obvious point of concern for thieves. For if they do attempt to break in, there would be a video record either containing their faces or footage of them walking around the area surrounding your home.

A video intercom system is likely to leave criminals more than a little worried that your home may be protected by other home security as well. They already know that you have at least one camera on your property. Most criminals will assume that where there is one camera, there may, in fact, be more. From a criminal’s perspective, this is a very unknown and troubling factor. After all, there are other cameras surrounding your property and perhaps inside your home as well. The act of having a video intercom tells criminal elements that you are tech savvy and value your safety and your home. With most other variables being equal, most criminals will simply skip your home altogether when this powerful device protects you.