What is an Intercom System?


An intercom system is, simply stated, one of the single best features found in the modern home or apartment.  The intercom systems of the past have little resemblance to their technologically advanced modern counterparts.  Today’s intercom systems offer a diverse range of functionality designed to make living safer and easier.  In this article, we will look at the modern intercom system and how it performs far many more functions that simply allowing you to communicate with those at your front door.


Full Chat with the Touch of a Button


Intercom systems still allow you to chat with those at your front or back doors, but now there are full colour camera options as well.  This, of course, means that you can easily see who is visiting you and asking to gain entrance.  Likewise, with the touch of a button, you can instantly open your door or gate, saving you the hassle and time of going to do it yourself.


Take Full Advantage of All an Outdoor Camera has to Offer


The outside door camera can come in a range of shapes as well as specifications.  Some camera systems employ a 90-degree area of coverage, whereas other cameras cover a full 180-degree area.  The versatility of modern intercom systems is such that they truly make the most out of their video capabilities.  For example, some have zoom and tilt camera functionality as well.


An Array of Security and Communication Benefits


In addition to the ample security benefits that a high-end intercom system can provide, it is possible to use an intercom system for communication between rooms.  With the simple push of a button, it is possible to communicate with anyone else that is in your home who is also near an intercom system.  While this functionality has many diverse uses, it is a particularly great function for multi-floored homes.  Cable types can include 2 wire connections as well as 4 wire connections with some intercom systems using one UTP cable.


Large Screens for Easy Viewing


New types of intercoms, such as Touch Screen options, are excellent examples of just how far the intercom system technology has come in recent years.  Thanks to the Touch Screen system, it is possible to have intercoms that are colour and also have larger screen sizes, ranging in size from 3.5 to 10.1 inches.  At 10.1 inches, consumers have the option to use a screen size that is as large or larger than many tablet computers such as the iPad.


There are many different types of intercoms on the market, including both hands free and handset options.  The Samsung SHT-3006 handset unit and Samsung SHT-3507 without a handset are both good examples of feature rich intercom systems.