Using Digital Door Locks

If you are looking into digital door locks, you will soon find that there are ample reasons why they are beneficial. First and foremost, digital door locks provide you with a high level of safety that is not provided by typical locks and alarms. This article will explore some of the reasons why digital door locks are gaining fast in popularity.

Digital Door Locks Prevent Keys from Being Copied

First of all, with digital door locks, no keys can be copied. With regular keys, it is all too easy for someone to quickly make a copy of your key. After all, anyone with access to your key could simply take it to a hardware store and have it copied. It only takes a few minutes for a copy of a key to be made.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for anyone to copy keys these days. Even people with no experience can do so. If you doubt this fact, just do a quick search of the terms “copy keys” on youtube. You will quickly see that there is a wide array of videos that demonstrate to potential thieves how they can make copies of keys. There are even videos that demonstrate how to copy keys in just seconds. The bottom line is that if you lose your keys, someone can copy them without too much trouble.

Who Has Access to Your Keys?

Plus, of course, with regular keys, there are always other people who might already have access to copies of your keys. When you start thinking of all the various parties who have access to your keys, you can quickly start to feel very unsafe. For example, there are previous tenants who may have lived in your current residence. Also many people have ex-sharemates who might still have their copy of the key they once used. Keep in mind that even if they returned the keys to the landlord, they could have always easily made copies. Further, when you go to a locksmith, he can easily make copies of your keys as well.

Replacing Locks Can Add Up in Cost

When you lose your keys or if you suspect that someone has made copies, the only safe measure to take is to completely replace your lock. However, the cost of replacing locks is surprisingly high. For example, in Australia, the average cost for calling a locksmith to replace door locks is $250. Obviously, if this were to happen more than once, the costs would add up quickly.

The Safety of Digital Door Locks

With digital door locks, the keys cannot be copied. If you lose your smart card or key tag, a thief won’t be able to make copies. Further, even if a thief were to arrive at your door, he wouldn’t be able to get past your unique keycode on your digital door locks. The sad fact is that there is a great deal of crime in today’s world. However, with digital door locks, you and your family can be protected.

Bump Keys and Why They Necessitate Digital Door Locks

Many people have never heard of the term “bump keys.” However, this term is something that you should be familiar with. Unfortunately, bump keys pose a serious risk to your safety and that of your family as well.

As it turns out, a bump key will allow an intruder to enter anyone’s home with just a single key. As more homeowners are finding out about the dangers of bump keys, they are increasingly turning to safer alternatives like digital door locks.

The name “bump key” was first used in the 1920’s. In fact, a patent on the bump key was filed in 1928. In about 2004, European communities rediscovered this easy way to open locks. In recent years, these keys have been getting more and more attention. In 2006, an American Security expert named Marc Tobias began speaking about how these keys work and their threat to personal security.

How Do Bump Keys Work?

A typical lock is made up of stacks that are spring loaded. They are called pin stacks and are made from the key pin and the driver pin. When your key is inserted into your door, the key pins and driver pins align. The result of this is that the cylinder turns and your door opens. When the wrong key is inserted into the door, of course, your door won’t open because the pins are not aligned.

However, bump keys override the typical way in which door locks work. First, the key is put into the door one notch short of total insertion. The user then can bump the fake key inwards. The bump key has teeth that are specially designed to provide an impact to the pins that are on the bottom of the lock. This motion causes the driver pins to “jump” due to the elastic motion. During this separation, the cylinder will turn and the lock can be violated. As soon as most people realize how easily bump keys can open a locked door, they immediately become interested in digital door locks.

Why Digital Door Locks are the Solution

The sad truth is that anyone can easily make a bump key if they know what they are doing. Any regular key can be quickly filed down in such a way that a bump key is created in just about 30 minutes. Once a bump key is in the hands of a criminal, he can have total access to your home.

Today, many people are installing both video intercoms and digital door locks for an extra safety precautionary measure. With digital door locks, you have a completely permission based system that works through the means of a code, a smart card, or a touch key. If you are looking for a way to prevent against potential thieves with bump keys, digital door locks are the answer.