Within Apartments, video door phone systems Encourage Peace of Mind

For property owners and developers, ensuring the best security for apartment tenants is an important consideration. Not only is it the responsible thing to do, but it also helps provide additional selling points for your property. Within apartments, video door phone systems are perhaps the best option to help increase rentals and offer tenants better security. Of course, not all systems are the same and you are going to have to make some choices.

Color or Black and White?

The first decision you will have to make for apartments with video door phone systems is about the type of monitors that you will use. Do you want to give your tenants black and white monitors or would color monitors be a better investment? Obviously, color monitors provide better picture clarity and quality, but they are also a little more expensive.

Monitor Size

Another decision you will need to make involves the size of the monitors in question. Different manufacturers offer various sizes, but 4-inch and 7-inch screens are the most common. 7-inch screens in apartments with video door phone systems are usually “base” systems and installed as the primary access point. 4-inch monitors are smaller and are usually used with handsets or as remote stations.

Expansion Capabilities

You want to purchase a system with room for growth. Apartments with video door phone systems can certainly benefit from a scalable system. This gives you the means to install a basic (but high quality) system now and then upgrade it down the road. Scalable features can include the number of monitors per apartment, as well as the number of apartments with systems installed. For instance, you might need to start with only half of your units featuring these systems, and then expand as time goes by. Scalable technology gives you the means to do this.